10-26 metres


up to 30 metres

Sea Life:

Leopard sharks, barracuda lots of reef and schooling fish, soft corals, anemones.


With its marine Sanctuary status, many small creatures can be found here, including frog fish, tigertail seahorses, shrimp, ghost pipefish & nudibranchs to name but a few.With an abundance of soft corals and anemones carpeting the whole site, it's probably the most beautiful dive site we have on a day trip.


Shark Point is located 25 kilometers east of Chalong Bay and can be recognised by a rock protruding 2 meters above the water. The site was given official Marine Sanctuary status in 1992 and consists of three small pinnacles with a maximum depth of around 26 meters. Only the largest, in the North, breaks the surface, so the size of the site is a surprise to the diver.

There is a huge array of fish, corals and other marine life found here, including beautiful pink and purple soft corals, anemones (harbouring every kind of anemonefish to be found in the Andaman Sea) huge sea fans and giant barrel sponges. From schooling fish to macro (nudibranchs, sea horses, pipefish, shrimps) there's something here for everyone's taste. Named for its resident leopard sharks who like to rest here during the day, there's always a chance of spotting one of these elegant creatures.

Sometimes there is a current here, but this just enhances the fish life as it brings in vast quantities of food. Visibility here on a good day can be as much as 30 m making this a truly world class diving site within close proximity to Phuket.