We are a dual-agency diver training center offering SSI and PADI scuba diving courses in Kata and Karon, Phuket.

Oceanic Kata/Karon became a PADI 5 star dive center in 1999, and we set the standard for scuba diving in Phuket for many years. In 2012 we decided to offer our divers more choice, and so we joined SSI (Scuba Schools International) to become one of Phuket's first dual-agency diver training centers. We offer scuba diving courses in several languages, and at all levels:

  • Scuba Experience programs. If you've never dived before and don't want to commit to a whole scuba course you will love our Try Scuba (Discover Scuba Diving).
  • Entry level dive courses for beginners. If you have a few days to work towards your first scuba diving certification in Phuket, our Open Water Diver course is the one for you.
  • Continuing Education. Already certified Open Water? Looking for the next challenge? Take your diving to the next level with our Advanced courses or maybe some Specialty Courses
  • Professional level. Live the dream and become a Divemaster with Oceanic!

If you're unsure of whether to choose SSI or PADI, we can advise you, based on your own experience and expectations.

Getting to know you...

Avoid the bubble factories! When you're learning to dive in Phuket, or anywhere else on the planet, you're undertaking an activity that does not come naturally to humans - breathing underwater! For many first-time divers, breathing on scuba goes against every instinct in the brain. So, while you're learning to dive, you want the reassurance that your dive instructor is watching you closely, has assessed your in-water strengths and weaknesses, and is going help you, every step of the way, to make it as easy as possible for you.

At Oceanic Phuket, we keep dive training personal: your instructor will be the same throughout your whole dive course; your class size will be small; you will get to know the entire Oceanic Phuket team, and you'll feel like one of our Phuket family of divers straight away.

Dive Courses for Children in Phuket

Teaching children to dive is our favourite part of being scuba instructors! Kids' natural affinity with water, and their innate curiosity about the natural world make them the most rewarding of scuba students.

For 8 and 9 year-olds, we have special youth diving programs that we conduct in the pool or in the very shallow water at the beach. With direct supervision and constant contact with our instructor, they will experience real diving, in a safe environment, meeting some of the fish that inhabit our reef and forming extraordinary memories that will last them a lifetime.

From 10 years and up, juniors can enroll in a junior diving certification program - Junior Open Water Diver.  They'll be limited to 12m maximum depth, until they turn 12, but that's plenty deep enough to enjoy the awesome majesty of our under water world.

If you're already a certified diver, you're welcome to join your children on their first adventures under water. And if you're not already certified, we'll be delighted to teach you all together! We offer discounts for families learning to dive together, and we keep our classes small, so your children get the full attention of their instructor.

Contact us to find out more about our junior diving courses in Phuket.

Dive Courses in Kata / Karon - Phuket, Thailand

Prices for PADI and SSI Dive Courses

CourseLocationDetailsPrice (THB)*
BubblemakerPoolDiving for 8 & 9 years old2,500
Discover Scuba DivingBeach or poolHalf day at the beach or pool2,500
Discover Scuba DivingBoat1 day on a boat to Racha Yai - 2 dives4,900
Scuba DiverBeachBeginner course, certification to 12m max - 2 beach dives6,900
Scuba DiverBoatBeginner course, certification to 12m max - 2 boat dives7,900
Open Water DiverBeachBeginner course, certification to 18m max - 4 beach dives8,900
Open Water DiverBeach & boatBeginner course, certification to 18m max - 2 beach dives & 2 boat dives11,900
Open Water DiverBoatBeginner course, certification to 18m max - 4 boat dives12,900
Open Water Diver referallBeachFinal part of a beginner course - 2 days on beach. You must have already completed theory and pool to take this.5,900
Open Water Diver referallBeach & BoatFinal part of a beginner course - 1 day on beach & 1 day on boat6,900
Open Water Diver referallBoatFinal part of a beginner course - 2 days on boat. You must have already completed theory and pool to take this.8,900
Scuba ReviewBeach or pool1 day on beach - 1 dive2,500
Scuba ReviewBoat1 day on boat - 2 dives4,500
Advanced Open Water DiverBeach & boatCertification to 30m, 1 day on beach 1 day on boat8,900
Advanced Open Water DiverBoatCertification to 30m, 2 days on boat10,900
Adventure DiverBoatContinuing course with 1 day on boat - 3 Adventure dives4,900
Rescue DiverClassroom, beach & boatOne day in the classroom, 1 day on the beach and 1 day on the boat
Emergency First ResponseClassroomOne day in the classroom3,500
Speciality CoursesVaries1 day course - boat trip not included4,000
Speciality CoursesVaries2 day course - boat trip not included6,000
Speciality NitroxVariesincludes tanks - boat trip not included4,600
DivemasterVariesNormally custom planned to fit student's and divecenter's schedule35,000
*PADI & SSI materials (the manual and certification for each course) are not included in the price! Please contact us for a current price list. All prices are subject to change without prior notice



PADI & SSI dive courses in Kata, Karon Beach, Phuket

We offer SSI & PADI dive course certifications in our dive center in Kata, close to Kata and Karon Beaches , Phuket, Thailand.

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