Diving at Racha Noi

About the dive sites at Racha Noi:


up to 40 metres


between 20-40 metres

Sea Life:

Manta Rays, reef sharks, anemones.


Great possibility to see something large.


Racha Noi has something for everyone: the beautifully clear water around the island makes it an ideal training ground for novice divers, in the shallow, sandy-bottomed sites close to shore. 

Intermediate divers enjoy the deeper parts, where we find big granite boulders making impressive swim-throughs and canyons.

For advanced divers, the Southern tip features a large, submerged pinnacle. Here we expect to see trevally and barracudas as well as the added bonus of manta rays circling us, as they come in to make use of the cleaning station. There is always current at this site, and so we can only visit there when the conditions are right: we're looking for slow current and small waves.

The Northern point is a nice drift dive with an abundance of soft coral, sea fans and carpets of anemones filled with clown fish. 

Because of the cleaning station at the Southern pinnacle, we often see mantas passing by any of the dive sites around the island.