Koh Doc Mai (Flower Island)

Koh Doc Mai is a must for divers of all abilities


10-25 metres


between 20 and 40 metres

Sea Life:

Abundant soft corals, schooling snapper, fusiliers, trevally, many macro species.


Wall diving, caves, nudibranchs, seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, bamboo sharks, frogfish.


This small, jungle topped island lies halfway between Shark Point and Phuket. It provides some of the best wall diving in the area with sea fans, soft corals and colourful sea life decorating its underwater cliffs. As with many of the dive sites in the area, it's home to a wonderfully diverse range of macro creatures: nudibranchs, shrimp, pipefish, seahorses to name but a few. But, when the visibility is good it's also great for photographers to have their wide-angled lenses handy. 

The wall gives way to sloping sand at around 24m, making that a natural maximum depth. And for those who are hungry for air, there's plenty of life to see right up to the very shallowest water. This site is perfect for divers of all levels of experience: even when the current is strong, it makes for a relaxing drift along the wall.

Ask your guide about the chimneys in the caves: there's an air-pocket at the top to make a unique experience of "surfacing" at 13m depth!