Up to 30 metres


Up to 30 metres and more!

Sea Life:

Octopus, barracuda, sting rays, clouded morays & schooling fish.


Suitable for all dive levels. Favorite place for a discover scuba dive (DSD) any dives during your Open Water course or refresher dives after a break from diving. Experienced divers will enjoy the deeper parts for the small wrecks.


Racha Yai is an attractive location the whole year round, and although visibility varies, it is rarely less than 15m and it can sometimes be more than 25m.

The current here is rarely strong, and the bays are always sheltered. It is suitable for all levels of divers from beginners to advanced: you can do a gentle drift along a sloping rocky face that is sprinkled with hard coral forests of great diversity including stag horn corals of blue and tan with many species of fish living there.

There are two small wrecks situated at around 22m and numerous artificial reef cubes providing shelter for many different sorts of marine life.

You can also see larger fish such as schools of barracudas, triggerfish and stingrays. Octopus, peacock mantis shrimp and cuttlefish are regularly sighted in addition to the more common tropical species. It is also a popular snorkelling location, so is suitable for everybody.

Divers of all levels of experience and snorkellers can visit Racha Yai because of the easy and gentle diving.