Open Water Diver Online Theory Promotion!



Open Water Diver Online Theory PROMOTION – 10% discount on courses at Oceanic

We know your time is precious when you only get a few days’ holiday each year. If you’ve never dived before, and want to get your Open Water diver licence, it can seem like a big chunk out of your holiday to take the full Open Water course. One way you can speed things up while you’re here is to do the “hard work” at your own pace at home. Simply log on through PADI or SSI’s website and sign up for the Open Water Diver course. You can complete the theory online, at home, or on your way to work, if you want!

Then, when you arrive in Phuket, you only have the fun part to do – diving!

Register with Oceanic Dive Center at PADI’s e-Learning system through this link. You can get started on your Open Water Diver, or Advanced Open Water coursework online today. When you complete the water work with Oceanic Dive Center we’ll give you 10% off our fees. (Note PADI fees will apply when you register with the e-Learning system.)

Or register with SSI’s FREE Online Training at this link. You can associate your login name with Oceanic Dive Center once you’ve got your login data. Then email us and we’ll get you started on the Open Water Course theory. We’ll be kept up to date with your progress and give you 10% off your fees when you complete the course with us.

There’s nothing to lose, so why not get started today?