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Oceanic Dive Center’s Scuba Divers’ Guide to Phuket

Here we take a look at the reasons why it’s a good idea to come scuba diving in Phuket.

Why Come to Phuket to Scuba Dive?

Phuket has been considered one of the world’s best dive destination for many years now, and one of the reasons is because it offers something for everyone.

If you don’t already hold a certification, scuba diving in Phuket for beginners is great because it’s a fabulous place to learn: there are plenty of dive sites with interesting marine life, but offering very safe conditions while you hone your skills.

Experienced recreational divers will get more “bang for their buck” taking Phuket Scuba diving tours, than at a lot of dive destinations. That’s because there is a lot of variety in the topographies of the dive sites: rugged limestone islands offer wall dives with cracks and crevices for creatures to hide in; impressive boulder sites offer swim throughs with bush and fan corals hanging from enormous canyon-like boulders; soft corals and anemones carpet pinnacles in mid ocean; and pretty sloping reefs fringe every island dotted around the Andaman Sea.

Fish enthusiasts and marine biologists marvel at the diversity of marine life that you find on any dives in Phuket. Even a humble beach dive can lead you to stumble across rare creatures that a diver might only expect to see once or twice in a lifetime of diving.


Scuba Diving Phuket Kata Beach House Reef
The most experienced divers are impressed with even our humble beach dives!

Phuket’s Climate

The water temperature of the Andaman Sea remains constant at around 29°C (84°F) for the entire year. So there’s no need for bulky wetsuits for the vast majority of divers in Phuket.


Phuket Scuba Diving with Turtles
Many dive sites are accessible year round, and some are even better in the low season.


The seasons are very straightforward.The prevailing winds are Westerly between May and October. As most of the popular resorts are located on the West coast, don’t expect beach dives during the monsoon. But don’t expect rain every day either! In the middle part of the monsoon, especially around August, we often have glass-flat sea and clear blue skies. This is often when we have the best Scuba diving in Phuket, because the majority of the dive sites that we reach by boat, and because the dive sites are less crowded than in our busy high season. Phuket scuba diving price does not vary from one season to the next, but hotel and flight costs drop though the floor between May and October

From November until April, the prevailing winds are from the East. This results in mill-pond like conditions on our Westerly beaches, and some amazing beach diving! The chances of rain between December and April are very, very low.

Marine Life of Phuket

The marine life that you will encounter scuba diving Phuket is abundant and varied.

Of course, everyone is hunting for the big ones: manta rays and whalesharks can appear on any dive site at any time of year. Our sharks are, undoubtedly, becoming rarer, but we still see blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks and bamboo sharks. Turtles frequent the islands around Phuket too. We’ve even heard of baby turtles hatching from their shells under a lady’s sun lounger on Karon beach!

Manta Diving Phuket Scuba
Manta rays and whalesharks may appear year-round.


On most dives around Phuket you can expect to see plenty of glass fish, schooling fish like snapper, fusiliers, juvenile barracuda. They attract the hunters in good numbers – trevally, barracuda, rainbow runners, tuna. Around the natural and artificial reefs we find surgeon fish, damsels, parrot fish, wrasses, grouper, butterfly fish, angel fish, gobies… you name it! Look out for the dreaded titan trigger fish. If they’re nesting, they’ll let you know to keep out of their territory! They are actually far more worrisome to a diver in Phuket than the commonly feared scorpion fish and lion fish, who are always passive, and far less likely to cause an injury!


Scuba Diving Motorbike Phuket
Artificial reefs shelter many forms of marine life and provide a playground for divers.


The biggest surprise for most divers is the macro life. Seemingly every crack and crevice harbours shrimp of all species (even harlequin shrimp if you’re lucky). You can find very kind of pipefish, including the ornate and robust ghost pipefishes, bent stick pipefish, and their cousins, the seahorses. If you’re lucky your dive guide will know where to find the resident Pegasus fish, Indian ocean walkmen, frogfish and leaf fish. But don’t be disappointed if they’re hiding on the day you’re diving, they are all masters of disguise and very easy to miss!

Scuba Phuket Diving with Leopard Sharks
Close encounters with leopard sharks and black tip sharks are common


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