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Oceanic Dive Center, Phuket’s Premier Boat Tour Agency in Kata

In addition to our diver training, we have been operating as a Boat Tour Agency since 1999. We hand pick the best of the tour boats available in the Andaman Sea to ensure the best experience for our divers, whether it’s a half day tour to the local islands, or several days on a liveaboard to the Similan Islands and beyond.

We have resisted the pressure to become a “bubble factory”, preferring to take personal care of our divers. We will work together with you to find the best dive sites, and dive boats, for your experience and expectations. We will personally check the fit of your equipment, from our rental stock at Oceanic.

Boat Tour Agency
Private longtail available to Koh Puh Island, three minutes from Oceanic

Avoid the bubble factories and join our Oceanic’s divers’ club. We take care of everything you need during and after your trip: if you have your own equipment, we provide a wash, dry and store service for the time that you’re in Phuket (or longer, if you want!) If you don’t have your own kit, or don’t want to pay the excess baggage to bring it here, take advantage of our excellent quality rental kit. We offer a sociable environment at the end of the diving day to share your experiences, and help you out with our local knowledge of things to do and see around Phuket.

Scuba Diving Day Trip Boats

We have scuba diving day trip boat tours to all of the dive sites around Phuket. Our shortest boat tours would be a morning or afternoon dive from a longtail boat at Koh Pu, close to Kata beach. Here, on the Western side, you will find granite boulders offering swim-throughs and schooling fish sheltering in the overhangs, to a maximum depth of around 20m. The Eastern side offers a shallow reef to a maximum of around 12m, interspersed with some smaller boulders and sand patches.

Dive Boat Kata Phuket
Relax on our spacious day trip boats and enjoy the view between dives

A little further afield are the islands of Racha Yai (Big Royal) and Racha Noi (Small Royal island), also known as Raya Yai and Raya Noi. These islands lie some 25km to the South of Phuket, or around one hour and 45 minutes by dive boat. The water is always clear here providing excellent snorkeling and diving tours for divers of all abilities.

Our boat trips to Phi Phi make three dives during the day tour: two around the islands of Phi Phi (around 45km from Phuket). The third dive is always at a dive site approximately half way. Phi Phi is famous for its resident blacktip reef sharks and it’s also a good place for spotting turtles. At the world famous Bida Nok and Bida Nai we have a variety of topographies with big boulder swim throughs, coral gardens and wall dives, all with plenty of schooling fish and lots of opportunities for spotting big turtles, sharks and other big fish as well as plenty of macro life.

Daytrip Boat Kata Phuket
We have many day trip options to all the dive sites reachable within one day from Phuket

In between Phuket and Phi Phi we find the dive sites of Shark Point, Anemone Reef, King Cruiser Wreck and Koh Dok Mai. These are visited by day trip boats doing three dives in a day, usually Shark Point, King Cruiser and Koh Dok Mai. These three dive sites are all so very different from one another that they have rightly become a firm favourite with our divers: beautiful soft corals and anemones at Shark Point; amazing numbers of schooling fish and soft coral growth on the wreck; and a limestone wall at Koh Dok Mai with many macro species living in cracks and crevices as well as fantastic bush corals and gorgonian fans hanging off the wall.

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Liveaboard Boat Trips

We have the best selection of liveaboard boat tours and can offer trips for every budget, from packpacker-style budget tours, to the best of the five star luxury boats; visiting the Similans and Northern islands of Koh Tachai, Koh Bon and RIchelieu Rock, or head South to the less-visited but equally rewarding dives at Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Koh Haa.

The Similan Islands are justifiably famous among divers, and have been considered in the top ten of the world’s dive sites since the 1970s. The fabulous visibility we’ve come to rely on, throughout these islands, allows divers to enjoy the magnificence of the dive sites dotted around the islands. Granite boulders provide panoramic vistas on many sites, and sloping coral reefs shelter many macro species.


Liveaboard Kata Phuket
Taking a liveaboard gives you the opportunity to explore dive sites too far away for a day trip

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Private Charter Tours

If you’d like to avoid the crowds, you can privately charter a speedboat, sailing yacht or dive boat, for groups of between 2 and 35 people. We are an agency for the best boats available on the island. For a single day you can choose to do do two or three dives, and maybe visit a beach during the day, for lunch or a swimming break.

Speedboat Kata Phuket
A mixed group of divers and snorkelers enjoying one of our Phi Phi charter trips

You can go further afield if you take a trip for two or more days. Choose when you want to dive, what you’d like to see, and the captain and our dive team will work out a trip schedule tailored just for you.

Daytrip Diving Kata Phuket
Whatever boat trip you choose, dive with the confidence that you’re in safe hands with Oceanic

Thailand is renowned among all dive destinations as having the best food on live-aboard boats, and that applies to private charters too. Our friendly, experienced crews will take care of you like VIP guests throughout your trip.

Oceanic Dive Center – The Best Scuba Diving Shop In Phuket, for all of your Diving Needs

Oceanic Dive Center Team
Join the Oceanic Dive Center family and come home to Phuket!

Our Phuket scuba diving training centre & retail shop is conveniently situated on the main road that runs between Kata and Karon (number 143/3 Patak Rd) near the local fresh market. We are 10 minutes’ walk from Karon beach & 7 minutes’ walk from Kata beach, surrounded by local Thai restaurants, serving authentic dishes to the local Thais. Drop in on your way to dinner!