COVID-19 and Scuba Diving in Phuket Information

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As the world emerges from the effects of the global pandemic, we are looking forward to welcoming our divers back to Phuket. Here’s what people have been asking about the situation here now.


COVID-19 News for SCUBA Divers


How has COVID-19 affected Oceanic Dive Center?

While Phuket was closed to visitors we had to close the doors on our retail space and classroom. We’re still operating a full service, but we’re not geared up to walk-in visitors for now. If you want to drop in to see us, you’re very welcome: please just phone ahead to check that we’re here. You can reach us on +66848504314.

How has COVID-19 affected who can dive and where?

All guests must be fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test.

Foreign Tourists: At the time of writing, there are two ways foreign tourists can enter Phuket and each one has its own rules. Here’s a brief guide to help you plan your diving. (For full details of these schemes, who can apply, and how you can apply, please contact your local Thai Embassy, or send us an email for a broad explanation of the basics.

    • Test and Go: under this scheme, you will be able to dive at any of our dive sites from the second day of your trip.
    • Phuket Sandbox: you will be able to dive at the local dive sites (Kata Beach etc), Racha Yai, and Racha Noi on the second day of your trip. You must wait until your negative test result on the seventh day of your trip before you can dive at Phi Phi, King Cruiser, Shark Point, or Koh Dok Mai.
    • We need copies of: passport, Thailand Pass, and either your Certificate of Entry, or COVID vaccine certification

Domestic Tourists (Thai Nationals and foreigners resident in Thailand) can dive at all dive sites as soon as they arrive. We need copies of your passport or ID card and vaccine certificate.

How has COVID-19 affected Phuket diving?

    • You must wear a face mask. You will be able to remove the mask when you’re on the boat, but please keep it in place for the pick-up and throughout the transfer to the boat.
    • Check-in and check-out procedures have been put in place at the pier so it may take longer to get on and off the day trip boats. You will need to present your Morchana App QR code or a picture of your passport.
    • All of the boats that we use are SHA Approved and to achieve this they have reduced the number of divers that they can take each day. (The idea is to allow for social distancing onboard.) This, coupled with the fact that many day trip boats have not yet returned to full service, there will be a very limited number of spaces available, especially during peak times. Now more than ever it’s essential to reserve your places as early as possible.

How has COVID-19 affected the Phuket dive sites?

This is where we have good news! Visibility has been better than ever on the beach dive at Kata beach house reef and we’ve been diving there throughout the summer. All of the dive sites are quieter than they’ve been for years. With fewer boats and fewer divers in the water, the fast-growing corals (soft corals and staghorns in particular) have shown a lot of growth.


If you have any questions about how COVID-19 regulations might affect your trip to Phuket, get in touch and we’ll give the most up to date information available.

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