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Quality that speaks for itself. In Ocean Dynamics Phuket's own words "We came, we saw, we dived, we taught and then we dived some more, and whilst we were doing all that diving we came to learn what worked and what didn't, what lasted and what broke, an ultimately how to design, choose and put together gear that works. No gimmicks, it just does the job and leaves you to look at the fish."

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Full Face Snorkel Mask
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OCEAN DYNAMICS - Full Face Snorkel Mask (Tribord EasyBreath Style)

This unique looking full face snorkel mask amazed us when we first tried it out. The interesting design makes surface snorkeling easy for anyone, and keeping your face dry during your snorkeling activities is great for those not 100% comfortable in the ocean. Being comfortable in the water is what makes it fun, and if you are not a fan of conventional snorkeling gear, this this could be a good fit for you.

  • Ultimate solution to snorkel mask issues
  • All-in-one snorkel and mask
  • More comfortable face fit
  • High quality construction
  • Allows you to breathe normally
  • Does not fog
  • Amazing field of view 180 Degrees
  • Keeps entire face dry
  • Great for those uncomfortable with a regular snorkel setup
  • Perfect for those with facial hair
RRP 2,495 THB

10% - 2,250 THB