Dive On Kata Beach “House Reef” With Oceanic Dive Center

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Go For A Morning Or Afternoon Beach Dive On Kata Beach or Karon Beach House Reefs!

There are many reasons why a dive on Kata house reef or Karon house reef might be the perfect option for you. We realize at Oceanic that you might have time or family or small children constrictions stopping you from going scuba diving on a multi dive full day trip.  As you probably know, the day trip diving is normally a pickup from your hotel at 7-50am & returning at 3-30pm for a 2 dive day or even later for a 3 dive day. So the perfect solution is a morning or afternoon beach dive! If you’re staying in a hotel or guesthouse, locally in Kata or Karon, we can pick you up in our truck, or you can simply walk to to our shop, as many of the big hotels are minutes away from Kata center. Up to you, as they say in Thailand!

oceanic beach dive kata reef phuket Diving With Oceanic Dive Center

The time needed to complete a single fun dive would be around two and half hours, from start to finish. We fit your equipment at the shop before your dive (we have an extensive range of new & well maintained makes, models & sizes of masks, fins, BCDs, regulators, wet suits & rash vests) to choose from.

Then in our spacious, air conditioned classroom we give you a pre-dive briefing, then assemble the equipment (setup) & off we go scuba diving. We drive down to Kata beach or Karon beach in our truck in a couple of minutes, & straight into the ocean.

Try Scuba Dive, Discover Scuba Dive, Fun Dive, Refresher Dive Or Night Dive Anytime.

oceanic-dive-center-beach-diver-07Phuket & Phi Phi have many day trip dive sites only available by dive boat, but very few local beach dive sites. We consider Kata beach to be the best, and conveniently, it’s the closest to Oceanic Dive Center. Kata house reef is a collection of mostly hard coral with a few soft corals like leafy soft corals, and anemones.

Fish life on the reef is abundant and varied. The corals shelter many schools of glass fish and juveniles, as well as schools of snapper and fusiliers, which all attract hunters like small trevally, barracuda, and young tuna.

Trigger fish, surgeon fish, and parrot fish patrol the reef in good numbers and we have a healthy population of scorpion fish and lion fish. Between December and April, ornate ghostpipefish visit the reef on their annual breeding cycles and we have resident indian ocean walkmen, harlequin shrimp and seahorses.

Dive Amongst Some Amazing Artificial Reefs

The reef itself is quite shallow, and lends itself perfectly to snorkelers as well as divers. We dive around the edges of the reef and also venture out into the sand towards Koh Pu, where we have some magnificent artificial reefs. Made up of concrete cubes that have been dropped randomly in a pile around 5m high provide fantastic shelter for all reef life, but contained in a small area, making it quite a spectacular sight.

There’s a paritcularly well-staffed cleaning station there, with durban dancers, coral banded and white striped cleaner shrimps all providing a cleanup service to the resident giant moray. The site also attracts regular visitors: this week we’ve sighted a school of rainbow runners, a family of longfin batfish, from juvenile to adult, the biggest cuttlefish anyone here has ever seen, a zebra moray, sweetlips and an array of chromodoris nudibranchs.

Even out in the sand you never know what you might stumble across: there’s a colony of blue-spotted sting rays, and many anemones who have chosen to live away from the corals harbour anemone fish, shrimps and crabs.

With a maximum depth of 12m, air consumption and no-decompression limits are not an issue, so our divers regularly get more than 60 minutes of bottom time. And it’s a perfect environment for photography, as the depth change is so gradual there’s no need to reset the white-balance every few minutes.

But don’t take our word for it, come diving with us!

One of the Many Resident Cuttle Fish On Kata House Reef In Phuket.

kata beach dive phuket oceanic dive center

Kata & Karon beach scuba diving at Oceanic Dive center scuba diving facility & retail shop is conveniently situated on the main Kata Center Road (number 30 Karon Rd) next door to Two Chefs Bar and Grill, 4 minutes’ walk from Karon beach & 5 minutes’ walk from Kata beach.