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OCEAN DYNAMICS – Full Face Snorkel Mask (Tribord EasyBreath Style)

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This unique looking full face snorkel mask amazed us when we first tried it out. The interesting design makes surface snorkeling easy for anyone, and keeping your face dry during your snorkeling activities is great for those not 100% comfortable in the ocean. Being comfortable in the water is what makes snorkeling fun, and if you are not a fan of conventional snorkeling gear, this this could be a good fit for you.

  • Ultimate solution to snorkel mask issues
  • All-in-one snorkel and mask
  • More comfortable face fit
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This full face mask and snorkel from Ocean Dynamics is the mid-range version of the expensive Tribord full face snorkel mask. Our regular divers and their families have been testing it out for us over the past several months and it gets a resounding thumbs up from everyone who has tried it.

We’ve tried it out on three groups of people: experienced divers, experienced snorkelers and the third group of what we shall call “reluctant” snorkelers.

Both the experienced snorkelers and experienced divers all loved it. In spite of both groups being used to the traditional equipment of separate mask and snorkel, they all found this setup easy to use and fun.

Our third group – the “reluctant” snorkelers – are actually the target audience of the full face snorkel mask: these are people who are uncomfortable, for what ever reason, with traditional mask/snorkel equipment. This design eliminates most of the factors that our “reluctant” snorkelers cite as being the reason they’re not so keen:

Here are a few of our most commonly reported complaints:

“I don’t like having to breathe through my mouth all the time”
The full face mask keeps your nose and mouth in a separate compartment from your eyes, so you can breathe normally, through your nose, or your mouth, or both if you prefer.

“My mask keeps fogging up.”
The design of the full face snorkel mask means that it will never fog up. This is because the lens is in a completely separate compartment from your mouth and nose, so your warm breath will never create condensation on it.

“Snorkel masks always leak on me, even when I’ve tried them on in the shop”
When you buy any mask, you should always go to a store where the staff are happy to spend time helping you get the best fit. Even so, once you get out into the ocean, the best-fitting mask will still leak if you breathe out through your nose. If you’re not used to snorkeling, it can be a big ask to stop breathing out through your nose. With the full face snorkel mask, it really doesn’t matter. The seal around your face will remain sealed, no matter what!

Here’s a summary of the main features:

  • Made from high quality materials and high quality construction by Ocean Dynamics, a subsidiary company of the well known and respected Mares
  • The design allows the snorkeler to breathe completely normally
  • It is impossible to get it to fog up! (We’ve tried!)
  • It gives you an amazing 180° field of view
  • Keeps your entire face dry
  • Great for those uncomfortable with a regular snorkel setup
  • Perfect for those with facial hair, which can make traditional snorkel equipment leak like crazy!


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