All of our masks have tempered glass (not poly carbonate) and good quality silicone skirts. Beyond those basic requirements, with so many different features available in the today’s market, the choice can be quite daunting. With options of single lens or dual lens masks, low volume or high volume, wide vision and side vision, and new innovations all the time, all divers will benefit from the advice of experienced professionals when selecting a mask.

The most important factor when buying a dive mask, or a snorkel mask, is comfort and fit. There’s really no way to know whether a mask will suit you until you’ve tried it on. Our experienced staff can demonstrate how to check the fit, and help you to select the best mask and snorkel set for your needs. On certain masks, we offer a “try before you buy” option: we have our most popular masks available in our rental store, to use when you book a dive with us.

If there’s a particular mask you’re looking for, and you can’t find it here, please get in touch as we’re sure to be able to provide it for you.

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Mares X-Vision LiquidSkin Mask Phuket
Mares X-Vision LiquidSkin Mask

The Mares X-Vision LiquidSkin Mask a superb redesigned version of perhaps Mares’ most popular diving and snorkelling mask ever produced.

Original price was: 3,800 ฿.Current price is: 3,400 ฿.

Revolutionary free diving mask with an exclusive look created in cooperation with MOMO Design of Italy.

Original price was: 2,990 ฿.Current price is: 2,691 ฿.
scubapro gorilla mask phuket
Scubapro Frameless Dive Mask (Gorilla)

Silicone Skirt Easy Adjustable Buckles Silicone Strap Single lens with tempered glass Extra low volume Larger wider field of vision Colours: Black (w. black skirt) Packaging: Plastic Mask Box

Original price was: 2,800 ฿.Current price is: 2,520 ฿.
scubapro crystal vu mask phuket
Scubapro Crystal Vu Mask

Offering the best field of vision of all of our dive masks, the Scubapro Crystal Vu mask is a three pane design with side panes for increase field of view and improve light transmittance and it finished using an exclusive metallic paint process. Crystal clear, double sealed silicone skirts are used for superior fit and comfort and Scubapro’s patented single lens with seamless side window ensures a panoramic field of vision.

Original price was: 2,755 ฿.Current price is: 2,479 ฿.

Specific freediving mask with low internal volume. Buckles are positioned directly on the skirt, reducing the total weight of the mask and allowing greater hydrodynamics. Optical lenses can be separately purchased.

Original price was: 2,730 ฿.Current price is: 2,450 ฿.
Full Face Snorkel Mask
OCEAN DYNAMICS – Full Face Snorkel Mask (Tribord EasyBreath Style)

This unique looking full face snorkel mask amazed us when we first tried it out. The interesting design makes surface snorkeling easy for anyone, and keeping your face dry during your snorkeling activities is great for those not 100% comfortable in the ocean. Being comfortable in the water is what makes snorkeling fun, and if you are not a fan of conventional snorkeling gear, this this could be a good fit for you.

  • Ultimate solution to snorkel mask issues
  • All-in-one snorkel and mask
  • More comfortable face fit
Original price was: 2,495 ฿.Current price is: 2,250 ฿.
scubapro solo mask phuket
Scubapro Solo Mask

A modern low profile, clear and open-view single lens mask.

Original price was: 2,260 ฿.Current price is: 2,034 ฿.
scubapro spectra mask phuket
Scubapro Spectra Mask

Our sporty, low volume Spectra mask has a stylish metallic subframe. The low volume makes for easy clearing and comfortable fit. ** Now available in black with mirror lenses for an additional 400 Baht.

Original price was: 2,170 ฿.Current price is: 1,953 ฿.
Sold Out
scubapro marin mask phuket
Scubapro Marin Mask

Low volume dual lens design Exclusive soft touch frame Open side frame for increased peripheral vision Clear skirt colours: Titanium, Blue & Red Black skirt colours: Black / Titanium

Original price was: 2,130 ฿.Current price is: 1,917 ฿.
Mares Viper Mask Spearfishing

The Viper is a revolutionary diving mask for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen! With innovative technical features and a unique, striking design.

Original price was: 1,950 ฿.Current price is: 1,800 ฿.
scubapro mask phuket
Scubapro Fino Mask

Silicone Skirt Replaceable Standard Buckles Twin lens w. tempered glass Colours: Black, Blue, Clear, Yellow (w. clear skirt) Colours: Black (w. black skirt) Packaging: Plastic Mask Box

Original price was: 1,760 ฿.Current price is: 1,584 ฿.
Sold Out
seac sub mask phuket
Seac Sub IENA Mask (Yellow)

The Seac Sub Iena mask, like all of our Seac Sub masks, is manufactured with tempered glass, making it suitable for diving as well as snorkeling. The polycarbonate frame and hypoallergenic, liquid silicone skirt have been carefully designed, and refined over the years, to make a good seal on most faces. With a clear silicone skirt, the Seac Sub Iena comes with a choice of Blue, Yellow or Black frames. If you prefer black, then it’s also available in all-black … Read More

Original price was: 1,750 ฿.Current price is: 1,575 ฿.
Sold Out
seac sub boss mask phuket
Seac Sub BOSS Mask (Black)

The Seac Sub Boss mask is one of our most popular masks. It has been designed to a very high standard and offers an excellent fit for most face shapes. The single lens gives a great field of vision, with tempered glass making it the perfect choice for divers as well as snorkelers. The Seac Sub Boss mask comes in a range of colours to suit every taste. The Seac Sub Boss Pink version is so popular that we have … Read More

Original price was: 1,750 ฿.Current price is: 1,575 ฿.
Sold Out
seac sub boss mask phuket
Seac Sub BOSS PINK Silicone Mask

Here’s one for all you pink divers out there! And we know you’re out there because this is probably the fastest-selling mask we have! The Seac Sub Boss PINK is the perfect addition to any pink gear addict’s collection of diving or snorkeling equipment. And even if you’re not a pink-addict, it’s stylish enough to fit with pretty much any colour scheme (or non-scheme!) that you may have. If you’re not into Pink, then you can see the black version … Read More

Original price was: 1,750 ฿.Current price is: 1,575 ฿.
scubapro mask phuket
Scubapro Trinidad Frameless Mask

Frameless mask Low volume design Comfortable Fit

Original price was: 1,535 ฿.Current price is: 1,381 ฿.
deep blue covert mask phuket
Deep Blue Covert Mask

Dual lens (tempered glass) Durable with a comfortable fit Ultra low volume design Swivel buckles for easy adjustment Black silicone strap & black “Matte” silicone skirt

Original price was: 1,260 ฿.Current price is: 1,134 ฿.
Sold Out
seac sub mask phuket
Seac Sub ANGEL Silicone Mask (Red)

The Seac Sub Angel mask is a huge hit with new divers and snorkelers as an excellent entry level mask. You get all the features of a high quality mask but at a price that’s incredibly low. The skirt and strap are made from good quality, hypoallergenic silicone to ensure a comfortable and leak-free fit. The polycarbonate frame will withstand the test of time and hard knocks, as will the tempered glass lenses, assuring you of safe, trouble-free snorkeling or … Read More

Original price was: 1,190 ฿.Current price is: 1,071 ฿.
saekodive wide vision mask phuket
Saekodive Wide Vision Mask

Great seal Very comfortable Super vision Soft silicone skirt Tempered glass Low volume Black or Blue

Original price was: 1,125 ฿.Current price is: 1,012 ฿.

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