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ATOMIC AQUATICS – T3 Titanium Regulator

Original price was: 53,900 ฿.Current price is: 48,500 ฿.

The design changes from the previous T2 models have been scrutinised to shave off as much weight as possible to make the regulators one of the lightest full size, high performance regulators available. The A-Clamp frame in particular has seen huge weight reductions and is no longer a hindrance for travelling divers compared to DIN valves. The first and stage components are precisely machined from solid titanium billet. Even the comfort swivel is made of lightweight titanium rather than coated brass or steel.


Unlike most regulators which have a manually adjustable venturi lever the T3 regulator is fitted with ‘automatic flow control’ (AFC) which automatically controls the flow of air inside the second stage housing, subtly adjusting the performance as the diver descends and ascends to provide the perfect balance between performance and reliability.

The Atomic T3 is supplied in a deluxe padded regulator bag and is compatible with nitrox mixes up to 40%.


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