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Scuba is an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

The regulator is the device, which allows us to breath underwater. Generally we select a regulator by how easy it breathes. Some regulators do not perform as well as others, and some of the higher priced models don’t perform with any notable difference to their lower priced counterparts & the difference in better breathing can only be noticed at much deeper depths. Review your budget and select a regulator that will meet your needs. Test breathe different models, or we will let you test dive the models you may consider buying from our rental gear. Each regulator assembly should include an octopus or alternate air source (usually yellow in color) for easy recovery in an out-of-air situation.

In addition to the octopus, the regulator assembly must have a console, consisting of a depth gauge, or computer, and a means to monitor your air supply. This is called a Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) assembly.

Selecting the right regulator requires quite a bit of research and definitely the advice of a seasoned diving instructor or expert. The various technologies and features do not only have an impact on price, but they also make a regulator more suitable for certain kinds of diving. This can be essential for technical and advanced diving.

Beginning divers should primarily be concerned with the ease of breathing provided by a regulator. You do not want to have to fight the regulator with every breath you take! We also recommend that you pay attention to the mouthpiece. One that does not fit right, or has sharp edges, can hurt your gums or make it difficult to keep water out. As a result, you may bite too hard on the mouthpiece, or get tired from fighting to keep water out.

At Oceanic Dive Center we can supply ScubaPro, Mares, Tusa, Cressi, SubGear & Aqualung regulators. From entry level, recreational diving to high spec Technical diving, to light weight travel regulators, with Yoke or DIN fittings, & with or without environmental seal for cold water or warm water diving. The choice is yours.

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Atomic T3 Reg Phuket
ATOMIC AQUATICS – T3 Titanium Regulator

The design changes from the previous T2 models have been scrutinised to shave off as much weight as possible to make the regulators one of the lightest full size, high performance regulators available. The A-Clamp frame in particular has seen huge weight reductions and is no longer a hindrance for travelling divers compared to DIN valves. The first and stage components are precisely machined from solid titanium billet. Even the comfort swivel is made of lightweight titanium rather than coated brass or steel.

48,500 ฿
Scubapto MK25 Tech Phuket
SCUBAPRO – MK25 s600 Black Tech Regulator Set

Specifications – first stage PVD black finish Balanced High Performance First Stage Air-Balanced Flow-Through Piston Design 5 Port LP Swivel and Dual HP Ports Adjustable IP Pressure Second stage Technopolymer Body and Components PVD black styling Peak Performance Air-Balancing System Air-Balanced Linear-Flow Valve Diver Adjustable VIVA and Inhalation Effort Control New Mouth Piece

32,400 ฿
Atomic ST1 Reg Phuket
Atomic Aquatics – ST1 Regulator

The Atomic ST1 Regulator is a high quality beautifully crafted regulator that delivers outstanding performance and looks great. The 5 ported swivel turret 1st stage is machined from a unique 316 stainless steel, unlike conventional brass 1st stages, which performs better and is kinder to the environment.

31,000 ฿
Apex XTX200 Tungsten Regs Phuket
APEKS XTX200 TUNGSTEN 1st Stage & Regulator
  • Extremely hard exterior coating
  • All medium pressure ports are 3/8” UNF allowing the reversible XTX second stage to be mounted to either side of the first stage
  • Balanced for excellent, dependable performance
  • Fitted with an environmental dry kit, this keeps out water and therefore contaminants, also improves resistance to freezing
  • Tough 300 BAR DIN hand wheel is made using two shot moulding process
  • Co-moulded yoke knob with new cosmetic ring
  • Nitrox ready to 40% oxygen, brand new, out of the box
  • Forged body is robust and compact
  • 4 3/8″ UNF angled medium pressure ports
  • 2 7/16″ UNF angled high pressure ports
  • Removable Arcap valve seat
30,240 ฿
Apex XTX200 Regs Phuket
APEKS XTX200 1st Stage & Regulator

The XTX 200 is the flagship of the Apeks regulator range. A cold water rated, fully balanced primary regulator with environmental seal.

The FSR first stage uses a balanced diaphragm design for high performance and air flow at any depth and cylinder pressure. Air is supplied via four low pressure and two high pressure ports configured in easy hose routing positions. Cold water protection is provided by using a dry environmental seal to prevent ice crystal forming on the main spring and critical components that could lead to a free flow. The seal also provides contamination and chemical damage protection for soft material parts such as o-rings and the diaphragm.

27,000 ฿
Mares Carbon 52 Reg Dealer Phuket
Mares Carbon 52 Regulator

The Mares Carbon 52 regulator is a super lightweight reg made from carbon fibre that is perfect for any type of diving. The Mares Carbon 52 Reg uses carbon technology to prevent the dry mouth effect at the end of a dive and the NCC increases performance in cold water. This Mares regulator features the double DFC system that allows two divers to breathe at the same time which is totally unique.

25,470 ฿
Mares Abyss 52 Reg Dealer Phuket
Mares ABYSS 52 Regulator

The Mares 52 Abyss Reg is available with the compact top performer MR52 first stage:the best for a unique high calibre set up. Double DFC system provides a consistent flow of air at any depth, even when breathing simultaneously from both the primary second stage and the octopus. The NCC system and the design of the Abyss second stage with more metal on the front cover, allows this combination to achieve very high performance in cold water. Pre-oriented pressure ports for an ideal placement of hoses even using two independent regulators.

19,620 ฿
Scubapro MK2 Regs Phuket
SCUBAPRO – MK2Plus / R095 Regulator Set

Specifications – first stage Standard Piston Design Thermal Insulating System (T.I.S.) 4 LP Ports & 1 HP Port Second stage Classic Downstream Valve Dealer-Adjustable VIVA Reversible LP Hose Attachment

10,188 ฿
Sub Gear SG10 Regs Phuket

Smooth and dependable, a worry free regulator

9,350 ฿
Sub Gear SG10 Octopus Phuket
SUB-GEAR – SG10-Octopus

Specifications Pre-set Powerflow downstream valve High flow exhaust Adjustable dive and pre-dive control 1m long yellow hose, yellow cover

4,340 ฿

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