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Shark Guardian Merchandise

500 ฿

We carry a selection of Shark Guardian merchandise alongside our own.

Pictured here, you can see the classic black Shark Guardian t-shirt, priced at 500 Baht. We also keep other items from their range in stock, like the much-sought-after wrist bands, at 100 Baht each.

You can either contact us to find out more, or visit Shark Guardian's website directly at the link below.


On every sale of Shark Guardian merchandise, 100% of the proceeds go back to Shark Guardian to help fund the amazing work they are doing worldwide in shark and marine conservation.

Shark Guardian run shark and marine research projects and education programs through their well established programs of Public Talks, School Visits, Shark Ambassador Training and Diver Programs. Shark Guardian conservation projects and campaigns encompass petitions, shark swims and other fun activities and involve close partnerships and networking with other organizations and NGOs.

For more information about Shark Guardian, please contact us or visit their website at www.sharkguardian.org.


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