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BCDs (Buoyancy Control Devices) are also known as BCs. BC is an abbreviation for Buoyancy Compensator. There are also specific styles of BCDs known as air cells, wings, or bladders. This is a fancy name for the inflating jacket that a diver wears. The BCD is used to keep the diver neutrally buoyant (so that he does not sink or float up) as he/she is diving & also as a safety flotation device on the ocean surface, before & after scuba diving.

Most BCDs have pockets and D-rings to hold scuba diving accessories such as knives, back-up masks, lights, and dive slates. Divers should make use of these attachment points to ensure that all their gauges, alternate air source regulators, and accessories are clipped off or tucked away so, that they do not drag along the bottom and damage aquatic life and the environment.

Jacket-style BCDs have an integrated tank band (or cam band) which holds the tank in place on the diver’s back. This is the most common method of attaching the tank to the BCD in recreational diving. Modular air cells, such as wings and bladders, attach to the tank(s) via a backplate (for double tanks) or a tank adaptor (for singe tanks). Owning a BCD is great! A diver’s personal BCD is more likely to fit perfectly and be more comfortable in the water than a rented BCD. A diver who uses his own BCD regularly will learn its functions and idiosyncrasies well, and will use it more effectively.

The truth is that there is no “best” BCD, but there are BCDs that are better suited to certain divers’ needs than others. At Oceanic Dive Center, our BCDs Phuket range includes ScubaPro, Mares, Tusa, Cressi, AquaLung & SubGear BCD’s in various styles, colors & applications. From popular, recreational to technical to light-weight travel BCDs.

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Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD Phuket

Hydros Pro. The ability to change anything changes everything!

The HYDROS PRO is a true breakthrough in dive comfort and convenience. The moldable MonpreneāļŽ, adjustable fit and multi-attachment points combine to make this the most customizable and comfortable BC ever. Winner of the 2016 Red Dot award for product design, the HYDROS PRO is an incredible feat of SCUBAPRO engineering, built for anyone who loves to dive.

Original price was: 33,990 ฿.Current price is: 30,600 ฿.
Scubapro BCD Phuket
SCUBAPRO – Equator – BCD

New easy-to fold small back pack for lightweight travel with water draining Airnet back padding for super comfort.

Original price was: 24,455 ฿.Current price is: 22,000 ฿.
Scubapro T-ONE BCD Phuket

Durable 1000D exterior for long-term wear. Lightweight tank band with durable plastic buckle system for easy to adjust security. Internal octopus holder conveniently keeps your octopus close at hand for better safety. 2 side pockets to keep your essentials and extras secure plus restyled graphics and shape. Comfort back-pack. Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI). Pre-constructed knife attachments points accommodate a SCUBAPRO knife. T-One is available in 7 sizes: XXS-XXL.

Original price was: 14,650 ฿.Current price is: 13,185 ฿.

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