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Here at Oceanic Dive Center, as an independent company in Phuket, Thailand, we’re not tied to a single manufacturer, so we’re in a great position to offer Scubapro, Aqualung, Seac Sub, Mares, Ocean Dynamics, Deep Blue, Tusa, Saekodive, Trident, OMS, & Aquatec accessories & equipment.
Of course, we can’t list all of the¬†clips, dive torches, whistles and tank bands here! So if there’s something you need, and you can’t see it here, please contact us through the link below.

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Intova Nova HD Action Camera Phuket
INTOVA – Nova HD Action Camera with Remote
  • Video format: MP4 / Photo format: JPEG
  • Video Resolution: 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps, WVGA@60fps
  • Photo Resolution: 12MP, 8MP, 5MP and 3MP (4x Digital Zoom)
Original price was: 8,981 ฿.Current price is: 8,083 ฿.
Mares EOS 4RZ Dive Torch Dealer Phuket
Mares – EOS 4rz Dive Torch

Extremely lightweight and compact, the Mares EOS 4RZ Dive Torch is the ideal companion for any type of dive. A genuine tested 400 lumens of power for a solid 150 minutes of burn-time. Featuring a multi-function magnetic switch (ON, LOW, FLASH and OFF) and an innovative focus adjustment system. During the dive it can be used to illuminate a very broad surface, or penetrate deep into the water. Recharge it with a simple USB cable. The glowing LED charge indicator signals when the torch is fully recharged. This takes just 4.5 hours. Adjustable strap for fastening safely to the wrist.

Original price was: 5,495 ฿.Current price is: 4,945 ฿.
Intova Tovatec Fusion 1000 Torch Phuket
INTOVA – Tovatec Fusion 1000 Dive Light – 1000 Lumens

One of the most powerful compact dive torches we have seen.

Original price was: 5,260 ฿.Current price is: 4,735 ฿.
Intova Tovatec Search Torch 800 Phuket
INTOVA – Tovatec Search Light 800 Lumens

One of the most powerful compact dive torches we have seen.

Original price was: 5,250 ฿.Current price is: 4,725 ฿.
Intova Tovatec 10mp Underwater Camera Phuket
INTOVA – 10MP Compact Camera & Housing

The compact housing is waterproof to 140 feet / 40 meters and features a shock absorbent liner, double O-ring design and full function control buttons.

Original price was: 4,555 ฿.Current price is: 4,099 ฿.
Dive Torch Mares EOS 2RZ Phuket
Mares – EOS 2rz Dive Torch

The Mares EOS 2RZ Dive Torch is arguably the most powerful, rechargeable, adjustable focus handheld VERY LIGHTWEIGHT pocket torch on the market today. Made from light corrosion resistant aluminium combined with the compact size makes this a perfect backup torch to be kept in a pocket.

Original price was: 4,495 ฿.Current price is: 4,045 ฿.
Intova Tovatec Fusion 530 Torch Phuket
INTOVA – Tovatec Fusion Dive Light 530 Lumens

The adjustable beam angle makes this one of the most versatile dive torches available.

Original price was: 4,100 ฿.Current price is: 3,690 ฿.
Intova Tovatec Ultra Nova Phuket
INTOVA – Tovatec Ultra Nova Light 230 Lumens

Battery: 6 x AA (not included) Burn time: 7hrs Variable power: full / 30% / strobe Aluminium body w. magnetic tail switch Depth rating: 400 feet / 122 meter Beam angle: 14 degrees Dimensions: 20 x 4.8cm

Original price was: 3,890 ฿.Current price is: 3,501 ฿.
Intova Tovatec Torch Phuket
INTOVA – Tovatec Compact Torch 230 lumens

This model is easily the most popular of our dive torches.

Original price was: 2,465 ฿.Current price is: 2,218 ฿.

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